A downloadable training simulation for Windows

SETVR, or Self Enhancement Training in VR, was created by Dr. Reginald Lee to help YOU improve your physical and mental health.

SETVR gives you the tools you need to practice yoga, self defense, and meditation whether you’re outside, in your home, or on the go!

Never again worry about how you’ll stay fit and keep yourself centered!

AI Based Practice Using SETVR

Start your daily session by performing one of SETVR’s dynamic warm up. Then break a sweat with SETVR’s multiple virtual attack scenarios you’ll. After cooling down with yoga and performing a session of meditation you can use SETVR’s stats and calendar to. 

SETVR’s focus on game-like exercise takes makes repetitive motions more engaging allowing you to:

  • Warm Up - Loosen your muscles, practice yoga, and prepare your reactions!
  • Fight - Train your stamina and muscle memory with practice combat!
  • Review - Track your progress, record metrics, and view your past trainings stats!


SETVR Rift Demo.zip 297 MB

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